Sunday, February 21, 2016

Age of Warhammer

I've lately picked up playing Age of Sigmar.  When it first came out, I really wanted to like it, but couldn't get into it.  I played half a dozen games with my brother and a few others and all of them devolved into a massive kill box in the center of the battlefield.  It was boring, didn't make me happy, and I moved on to Malifaux for a few months.  As time went on, I found that Malifaux (an excellent game, check it out!) didn't scratch the itch that Warhammer used to of pushing minis around the battlefield and trying to eke out victory with the dice providing ridiculous outcomes no matter how hard you may try.  So I decided to give Age of Sigmar a second chance.

I decided that my main problem with Age of Sigmar was that I didn't like the feeling of moving blobbed infantry units around and navigating them into combat as much as I liked moving ranked infantry blocks in Warhammer Fantasy, so I set about resolving the issue.  I created the optional rules page I call 'Age of Warhammer'.  It brings back ranked infantry in a way that has so far been quite functional and enjoyable without clashing with the general vibes of Age of Sigmar.  The most important thing about Age of Warhammer is that every rule in it is optional.  It has miscasts, misfires, and ranked infantry, but ultimately it doesn't force anybody to play by rules they aren't interested in.

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