Saturday, February 20, 2016

AoS Downloads

These are other supplements I have created for Age of Sigmar (there are more scattered throughout the blog, but these are the ones I think are worth looking at).


Campaign - Efengie (Efengie book 1) - a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign with information about the Vale of Efengie and Time of War rules for battling there.

Campaign - Through the Deathgate (Efengie book 2) - a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign with Time of War rules for fighting at the Gates of Eucebium.

Campaign - Coalescence: Aftermath (Efengie book 3) - a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign with a recap of the events of Coalescence: War of the Ring.  Now updated to also include the Colossal Red's Wrath raid-style battleplan and warscroll!

Campaign - Malign Portents (Efengie book 4) - a five battleplan two-player narrative campaign themed around Malign Portents.  It also includes the stories of Coalescence: Malign Portents, and Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat as well as Regions of War rules for battling in Ghyran in the Vale of Efengie.

Skirmish Campaign - Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim - a five battleplan skirmish campaign.

Battleplan - Stuff of Legends - a narrative battleplan that uses story-gaming principles to help you forge the narrative

Campaign - Heart of Darkness - a broad-reaching campaign book laying out building blocks for telling stories in the Dark Age of Sigmar.  This book includes five grisly battleplans, dark age spells, artefacts, etc, some history and fiction set in the Ruins of Hammerstadt, and a brand new Quest style of narrative campaign!

Rules - Age of Warhammer - a rules page (2 pages really) for Age of Sigmar players who miss mechanics from Warhammer Fantasy Battles (namely miscasts, artillery dice, and block formations)

Age of Warhammer Irresistible Force table:

** This is solely a not-for-profit fan activity and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by Games Workshop (only to have fun with their awesome stories and models!).

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