Saturday, December 24, 2016

Eucebium Awakened

Last Sunday was our Age of Sigmar Game Day.  At the last one (Road to the Azyrspire) the Azyrspire was captured by Lord Egon of the Wanderers Clan Druthain.  They wanted to channel the power of the Azyrspire to recapture the Gates of Eucebium, but the Wanderers player wasn't there this time, so he didn't get the chance to re-take the Gates, but boy did he re-open them.

I'm experimenting with somewhat more outside-the-box battleplans that still work within the "Clash of ..." framework.  So since the Gates of Eucebium are unstable realmgates, I made an unstable Victory Condition.  It went pretty well and I think we all had fun (although I don't think the "Earthshaping" spell got cast a single time; but hey, that's how it goes).


We had five players, so in the first round we did one 3-player game and one 2-player game.  When we do a 3-player game at these events, we have one side share a 30 model pool.  We allow both players on the team to have their own generals, but they can only command their own troops.  Also, the 2-player team does not get a bonus Laurel for foregoing Artefacts, Command Traits, etc. unless both players abstain.

So in the first round we ended up with a 2 on 1 game where the Chaos Duardin and new Archaon teamed up against some Stormcast Eternals.  Chaos was victorious.  In the 2-player game, Ironjaws left a smoldering ruin where some Seraphon used to be standing.  Specifically, the Maw-Krusha is seriously beast.

In the second round, the Chaos Duardin faced off against Stormcasts again, but this time they were allied with the Seraphon.  The Chaos Duardin were not up to the task.  Apparently, neither were Archaon and his daemon allies, because they got stomped by the Ironjawz.

The Ironjawz, rather than hold the unstable realmgates, plowed blindly through and have landed in Shyish, the Realm of Death.  Having now (at prior events) slain both Alarielle and Archaon, they are on the hunt for Nagash.  So in January, we'll be leaving Eucebium and Ghyran behind for a little while to go traipsing across Shyish.


  1. Looks like it was a good time. I'm sorry I missed it! I'm going to have to try the battleplan some other time.


    1. It went well. It was actually good that we didn't have so many people because the "Great Card Sort" was taking up nearly all of the tables.