Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dark Age of Sigmar: Artefacts

The Dark Age of Sigmar (also known as Aos28) is an aesthetic, largely a modeling style, that draws its inspiration from the artwork of John Blanche (among others), and shows the bleak lives of the poor wretches who don't get to be on the covers of battletomes.  For a while there was a lot of excitement with using the Hinterlands AoS skirmish rules (no longer supported by the original creator) to play DAoS battles, but there isn't really any one system to play by.  The whole thing is more community art project than it is a game or rules system.

Knowing this, I still thought that it would be fun if there were some Warhammer Skirmish friendly battleplans and other supplements that would evoke the DAoS aesthetic through play. 

So I have set forth to create such a thing.  I am currently working on a campaign book (in a similar vein to my previous campaign books) that will include several battleplans with dark and grisly themes, and (the topic of this post) artefacts that are thematically appropriate for such battles and are designed with a skirmish setting in mind.

The DAoS aesthetic is two-fold.  It is both about the gritty realism of Men-at-Arms who carry torches and are laden down with their equipment to make camp, and about the grotesque and cursed abominations warped beyond recognition by the taint of Chaos.  So the Artefacts are two-fold.  I have created two Artefact tables, one of Mundane Artefacts, and another of Cursed Artefacts.

Mundane Artefacts are something you can give a model in your warband to make them a bit more unique.  They are items that an average footman in your warband might carry, and that would be fun to represent on the battlefield.

Cursed Artefacts are for the heroes in your warband.  If your hero is a righteous avenger, they will likely find these artefacts to be a corrupting influence.  Conversely, a vile and depraved champion should find something here to strike their fancy.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Love it! I've been getting into inq28 myself. I might have to look into making some classic unseelie aelves.

    If you're looking for scenario ideas:
    -In the aftermath of a great battle, enterprising warbands head out amongst the dead to recover as many items of worth as they can carry.
    -In the dead of night, the enemy assaults a town. All that stands between the villagers and evil is a gate, defended by a few poor unwanted souls.
    -There are few things more dangerous than traversing the darkness of the mortal realms by cart. One of those things is having your cart break down in transit. Now it's a race against time as dark forces close around...

    You might consider looking at Necromunda's injury table as well (there's a community edition running around on the internet). It has a variety of results that would add both to the uniqueness and the darkness of the models.

    Could also have another table for mutations as relics, as the spread of chaos infects those who come into contact with it. Perhaps combine it with the Necromunda table? Perhaps instead of being captured you roll on the mutation table. Too many mutations and of course the model dies/falls to chaos/gets spawned/is shunned by their friends.

    1. Those are all awesome ideas! I really like those scenarios, I'd been trying to think of a few more to round things out. I'll have to bust out the old wd chaos warbands rules, inquisitor rulebook, and check out these necromunda tables for inspiration.

  2. A few more scenario ideas:
    -In the Shadow of War: Two warbands meet as parts of larger armies (inspiration is scouting parties sent into trench war mazes). Pretty straightforward battleplan, maybe split deployment to represent fog of war and confusion of battle. Add complication with off board effects - artillery, rogue spells, etc.

    -Rout: The battle is lost. Now the defenders have only one goal - survival. They have to navigate the pittiless battlefield to escape, all while the attackers are closing in on them.

    The Haunted Forest/Death Stalks the Streets (depending on setting): There's a scenario in old necromunda that had a creature in the darkness that would prey upon fighters that got separated from the others, could be neat to recreate.

    I'm not sure if Blogger notifies you if there's a new reply, so let me know if you see this. OTherwise I'll mention it next time I see you in person.

    1. Blogger does notify me, it just took me a while to check on it because holidays. Those are some cool ideas. I really like the 'Death Stalks the Streets' one, that sounds like fun.