Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Hand of The Pit

It's got the will of The Pit - In its hands
It's got the mommas and the poppas - In its hands
It's got the unwary children - In its hands
It's got the whole ruin in its hands.

- Nursery rhyme

"No, that's just a wives tale" Yohn said dismissively, not even looking up from cleaning his pistol.  "There is no 'Hand of the Pit'.  It was just made up to scare the children.  The Pit is a dangerous place, and they'll live longer if they don't go near it.  But the danger is just daemons and mutants, not some giant with hands for a head, I mean who even makes this stuff up."

Lars shrugged, looked at the other survivors sitting around the bonfire, and continued.

"Fine, it's just a story.  Have it your way.
"They say it was birthed from The Pit after the blight kings sacrificed their families to Nurgle by casting them into it.  It was a horrible amalgamation of a human baby, warped and distorted beyond recognition.  It crawled out, eyeless and mewling from the between the hands where its head should be."

"How does it eat then if it's got hands for a head?" Yohn asked, still not looking up.  Shadows from the bonfire danced on the ruined wall behind him.

"They say it has a mouth where its arm should be, and a clawed slithy tongue like an arm reaching from between its fangs."  Yohn was sure Lars was just making stuff up now.

"And I'm guessing nobody's ever seen it, right?  Everybody who's seen it is dead, which raises the question of who told you about it.  These are the worst stories ever." Yohn scoffed.  "I'm gonna go water the bushes, you lot need to grow up and stop telling ghost stories."

Yohn stood and walked out beyond the ruined walls, unbuttoned his trousers, and gasped.  From the bonfire, they saw a huge silhouette with snaking claws and enormous hands.  They snatched up Yohn and lifted him high into the air.  It reached out with its clawed tongue and dragged him screaming into its fangorious maw.

Around the fire, they waited in silence for the screaming to stop, and sent their hopes to Sigmar that they would not be next.

Here's a WIP picture.  The Hand of The Pit was made from an old pewter Giant and bits from the plastic Giant and River Trolls kits.  The tongue-arm came from a Space Hulk Broodlord.  Oh, and his shoulder is a Crypt Horror's back.

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