Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Looted Wagon

I've been working on completing warscrolls for (at a minimum) every unit that GW produces in each army, along with a few other oldies that catch my fancy (like the Mycetic Spore).  Today, I want to show off a unit that was always one of my favorites, the Looted Wagon.  Though the Lootas can go joyriding in/on/around other armies' vehicles during the game, this warscroll is representative of a vehicle that has been in Orky hands for somewhat longer, so certain "modifications" have been made.

Basically, the Looted Wagon is comparable to a Razorback in many ways, but can exchange its transport capacity for a Boomgun, making it into more of an artillery piece.  It also has a larger transport capacity than a Trukk, and the ability to fly (for all the looted Hammerheads and Devilfish out there).

Speaking of looted Hammerheads, here's mine, which I can't resist showing off because I'm still really proud of it even after all these years (I think this guy is about 10 years old now).  

If I recall correctly, the writing on the side of the tank says "kill 'da humies".  Also, I'd like to call attention to the fuzzy dice hanging next to the driver, and to the angriest Drone ever.  Enjoy!