Monday, September 19, 2016

Sporocyst and Tyrannocyte

I'm getting pretty close to completing the Tyranid army.  This time I've finished the Sporocyst, Tyrannocyte, and because I'm still stuck nursing old wounds (and have three of them converted sitting on a shelf), the Mycetic Spore.

Seriously though, my feeling was that the Mycetic Spore was different enough from these new-fangled Tyrannocytes that it warranted a separate warscroll for all its immobile glory.

First up is the Tyrannocyte.  It is a not incompetent ranged attacker, but mostly it's a really really fragile drop pod.

The Mycetic Spore differs from the Tyrannocyte in that it is an immobile melee oriented model.  That may sound like a silly idea, but I didn't come up with it.  I just tried to interpret it as best I could, so this guy has some decently souped up Ripper Tentacles to fend off units that stray too close.  

Last up is the Sporocyst, which I question the utility of in Age of Sigmar.  I didn't include any sort of "Infiltrate" type rule on the warscroll, but I may change that before I put it in actual update.  This guy really seems more like a purchasable terrain piece than a unit, but here it is!

The most astute may have noticed a totally different background texture on these warscrolls.  There are big things coming down the pipe!  I've been beautifying things in preparation for upgrading these pdfs from "Warscroll Compendiums" to "Battletomes" that have a little bit of fluff and allegiance abilities (and maybe some Warscroll Battalions in the future).

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