Friday, October 7, 2016

Kabalite Abominations

The Kabalite Abominations (as I'm calling them) are a sub-faction with five units to their name.  They are led by the Haemonculus, who can get them into combat quickly with his "Speed of Pain" command ability (I've noticed that for whatever reason there ended up being more pop culture references in the Dark Eldar than I've had in most of the other armies).  The Haemonculus also has a couple ways to deal some extra damage.  Shadow of the Torturer messes with nearby enemies' battleshock tests, and the Torturer's Tools have a somewhat open-ended damage roll.

The Pitched Battle Profiles aren't finished yet, but when they are Wracks will be Battleline if you have Abomination allegiance.  They are pretty run of the mill, loosely based on Crypt Ghouls.  They rock a Liquifier Gun that works kind of like a weird flamer.  It can only shoot in combat, and instead of D3 mortal wounds, it forces D6 save rolls and inflicts one mortal wound for each save roll failed.

Grotesques are the Haemonculus' shock troops.  They dish out rather a bit of damage and have a decent chance of standing back up again when slain.

Last up are the Talos and Cronos.  The Talos is just a big nasty beatstick, although the Ichor Injector should be fun due to its ability to take down Monsters.

The Cronos does nothing except walk around carrying a Spirit Syphon.  It does halfway decent damage in melee, but really the only point of the Cronos in AoS is to stand near as many enemy units as possible.

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