Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sororitas Tanks

Although I still haven't finished a warscroll for the Penitent Engine, I've got new warscrolls for the Immolator and Exorcist.  I initially set out to make a Sororitas Rhino so that they could have a transport, but then I remembered that their Razorback equivalent was the Immolator.  So what I've done here is make the Immolator their main transport, and they can downgrade the Heavy Weapon to a Storm Bolter in exchange for an increase in transport space.  When it's downgraded, it's still cooler than a Rhino in some ways because it's got the Blood of Martyrs ability, and it can have a twin-linked Melta-gun or Flamer "instead of" a Storm Bolter.

While the Exorcist is basically just a Sororitas Whirlwind in many ways, I wanted it to be somewhat more individual.  I packed a bunch of Sororitas vehicle upgrades onto this warscroll in case people want to use them on their other vehicles (maybe they've lovingly sculpted Holy Icons onto all their Rhinos Immolators?).  

As soon as I finish the Penitent Engine and add points costs to everything, these will be included in the Sororitas pdf.  It will probably be a while before the Sisters get the Battle Traits treatment though, I'm trying to get through the xenos armies.

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