Friday, April 21, 2017

40k Warscrolls Update: Transports

With the new Kharadron Overlords looming on the horizon, GW has shown me how they would handle transport vehicles in Age of Sigmar.  Since part of my project is to stick to GWs design ethos as closely as possible, this necessitated an update of the Transport ability on all transport vehicles.

I had followed the example of garrisoned buildings from the scenery warscrolls for transports in 40k.  That allowed units to embark at the start of the movement phase if they were all within 6", and allowing units to disembark within 6" of the vehicle during the movement phase.

The Arkanaught Frigate works in a quite dissimilar fashion.  I did not adopt every part of the Arkanaught Frigate's text, because it takes up too much space for my needs.  GW has written transporting models as 4 different abilities: one that states how many models (and what types) the vehicle can carry, one that allows units to set-up in the transport, one that describes embarking, and one that describes disembarking.  There is also an ability on the Frigate that lets it carry extra passengers if you drive very slowly.

The Arkanaut Frigate has a check for dangerous vehicle explosions built into the Embark rule as well.  And the Disembark rule is pretty punishing in its own right.

Some of these ideas have made it into my updated transport warscrolls and some have not.  Because of space concerns (on Razorbacks and such, not on the Rhino) I have forgone the separate ability defining how many models can be carried.  I have also skipped the dangerous explosion.

Funny enough, the disembarkation rules are quite punishing enough (IMHO).  The Arkanaut Frigate's base is about the same dimensions as a Rhino.  If either has been slain by being mobbed to death in combat, then nobody inside will survive the disembark due to being within 3" of an enemy model (and that's without having enemy models piled onto the Frigate's base so they can attack it by Rules-as-Written).

Anyhow, all transport vehicles have now been updated to have abilities either exactly like the Rhino one above, or very similar.  Enjoy!


  1. Hello. Great update !

    I'll adapt this embark/disembark rule for the Necrontyr Ghost Ark : my son owns only one Ghost Ark, so he can't use the "Ghost Transport Network" rule with only one model. I'll use this new Transport Mecanism to use the Ghost Ark as a transport.

    1. Sounds like a plan. In fact, I hadn't realized that the Ghost Ark had a transport capacity (I had help from someone else on the Necrontyr), so I'll revisit that warscroll to make sure it will meet players' expectations :) Happy gaming!