Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lord Torstein the Destroyer

I finished a project a year in the making today.  For my birthday last March (2016) my brother got me a Daemon Prince to start me on the path of having a Lord of Chaos with a Daemon Prince and Chaos Spawn that match it for use with its 'glory or damnation' ability.  At Christmastime, my parents got me a Chaos Spawn kit; and recently I acquired the last piece... an old Crom the Conqueror model.

After agonizing over how to make it clear that the three go together, I settled on using Crom and having them all standing on matching Empire Knightly Orders helmets.  Crom was standing on one already, but after careful examination, I realized that it was a real helmet that I had extras of lying around.

I made Torstein's halberd using a Chaos Space Marine forearm, some brass tubing, and various weapon parts.  I drilled a hole in a Marauder Horseman throwing axe and a Night Goblin spear head, and fitted them onto the brass tubing.

The Daemon Prince and Chaos Spawn are stock builds, but I aimed for heads with big curved horns to match Torstein's helm.

The Chaos Spawn was tricky to assemble because I wanted him to look like he turned recently, so I steered clear of too much tentacly stuff.  For his left arm used the one that's morphing into a sword and positioned it in a similar pose to Torstein's sword.

And here's the whole gang just for good measure.

I ran into some trouble with the primer atomizing.  But here are the finished products (mostly).  I went with a pretty heavy handed black and red color scheme, and chose green and yellow for the helmet so that it would stand out and be noticeable.

At first I painted this guy's weird "tattoo" things gold, which made the model look horrid (my wife agreed), so I went back and re-did them in silver, and I liked them much better that way.

His wings are soaking in Pine Sol.  They just had a totally unacceptable amount of atomization going on.

I really like how at certain angles this guy looks like he's staring at his arm in horror.  It really works well with the "just turned" concept.

Also, I love painting eyes.

Here they are, from right to left, Lord Torstein the Destroyer, Prince Torstein the Exalted, and Torstein the Fallen.  I look forward to trying them out in battle.

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