Monday, July 31, 2017

The Soulblight Ride Again

Back in 7th edition WHFB, I played a variety of Vampire spam (I liked to cast spells on one die).  I surprisingly made it work somewhat in 8th as well, although it wasn't quite the same.  Because of this, I have a lot of Vampire characters.  I also built a unit of Blood Knights a long time ago from Brettonnian Knights.  They looked pretty lame, but they got the job done.  They had Daemonette heads (much like their leader Istvaan von Hortlak), and a poorly conceived color scheme.  Also, they heralded from a time when I put down a wash and called it a day (which has left my old models in a great place to receive highlights).

Istvaan was actually the first character I ever made for my Vampire Counts.  They started many years ago with some Zombies made out of stuff I had lying around, Black Knights made out of Brettonnians (I have 12 or so of them), and this guy.  I had bought an Empire General to be "The Bronze Baron" for my Dogs of War army, but at about that time I became disillusioned with playing a totally defunct army and decided to cut my losses.  So I started playing Vampire Counts and never looked back.


I hope it's obvious that these Blood Knights aren't the ones I was referring to earlier (especially since they don't have Daemonette heads).  I gave them a thorough refurbishing, leaving some of the paint job intact, but adding new highlights, and completely redoing the heraldry.  The banner is from the original unit though.  Even though it's a bit silly, I'm particularly happy with the ghoulish champion chowing down while riding into battle.  I think the ghoul heads fared well in this conversion.  They make a kind of ignoble Blood Knights, but the Daemonette heads looked a bit too dainty.


Last up is Godric of Blood Keep.  He was originally a just-for-lulz cannon hunting Vampire on Winged Nightmare.  He carried the old Charmed Shield (I think that's what it was?) that let you ignore the first wound of the battle on a 2+ (or something like that, I'm not going to look it up :P).  Anyhow, he is now a Vampire Lord with both a steed AND wings... HAX!!!  He is usually my general when I play Death, and will likely be the general of my Soulblight army.


I was planning on redoing these Blood Knights anyhow, but the news about GHB2017 have gotten me even more excited for them.  I'm planning on stocking up on Bat Swarms too.  That should be silly.

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