Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dark Age of Sigmar: Burn the Witch

The fifth and final of my Dark Age of Sigmar Battleplans (for the moment anyway) is about a witch with the ability to possess people's bodies.  She has possessed the body of one of your (or your opponent's) models and must be exorcised.

The Witch has a set of abilities not dissimilar to a Daemonhost.  I actually started with the 40k AoS Daemonhost's abilities and adapted from there.  The battleplan itself is pretty simple, just kill the Witch.  However, if they have chosen a decent model for their Witch, this could end up being pretty challenging.  

One thing I've been having a lot of fun with in the Dark Age stuff is thematic summoning.  Summoning a single skeleton or zombie or even a 1-wound daemon isn't really that big of a deal, but it can be a lot of fun and very cinematic.  While summoning isn't normally allowed in Skirmish, I've included several minor summoning abilities like this in battleplans and quests.


  1. Should Teleportation be "outside of 3 inches"?

    1. In this case no. This teleportation forces them into combat with someone. It's extra-spooky.