Monday, March 12, 2018

Steelheart's Champions

I impulse bought Shadespire back in February.  I've not gotten to play it much yet (half a dozen games or so with my brother, and one with my wife), but I have been having fun converting and painting the warbands.

So far, the only one I've finished is the Stormcast warband, which I may have to use as the jumping off point for a skirmish warband.  I've always really loved the Bretonnian heraldry, and I had a bunch of knight heads lying around, so I figured I'd do some simple head swaps and make some Stormcast Knights of the Realms.

I imagine that they are kind of like questing knights, and that they each have retainers and peasants and whatnot who attend to them and follow them around.  For the expanded skirmish warband, I'll probably make a bunch of peasants who are leaded down with bedrolls and pots and pans.  I actually even made a two coconut halves wielding peasant many moons ago that I will have to refurbish for them.

I haven't started painting the Bloodreavers yet, but my brother got me the Fyreslayers warband for my birthday and I have been working on turning them into chaos dwarves.  I'll post pics once I get the sculpting part finished.

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