Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dark Age of Sigmar: Quests part 3

The third and final quest is my favorite so far.  We've got one quest that grants you a special Command Trait, one that grants you a special Artefact (which has been tweaked a fair bit since I shared it with you), and now one that grants your warband a special Battle Trait.

Whispers In The Dark tells the story of a hunting party following their quarry obsessively, but uncertain as to the nature of it.  It whispers to them in the darkness, blurring the line between the hunter, and the hunted.  With each battle you play, you will learn a bit more about the true nature of your prey.

This quest is kind of inspired by the Ex Profundis Monster competition, but also by the horrifying conversions people cook up that don't really seem to fit into a warband (to me).  As you are pursuing the beast and its stat-line develops, hopefully it will spur your imagination to build a truly worthy quarry for your hunters.

I have also completed the page explaining how quests work.  They are pretty simple, so it didn't take much, but to avoid any confusion I've laid it all out here.

The book is now nearly complete.  I need to finish a little bit of fluff writing, and get some good photos to decorate with, but all the rules are pretty much finished.  I look forward to having this project wrapped up within a month or so now :)

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