Saturday, April 9, 2016

40k Age of Sigmar: Grey Knights

Some of the other books I have handy are the Grey Knights and Inquisition books.  So next on the agenda are just those.  I'm giving Grey Knights similar treatment to the Blood Angels with about five warscrolls, but theirs are a bit more oriented toward being a proper faction without necessarily needing support from normal Astartes stuff.

I opted not to make every Grey Knights unit (or even Justicar) a proper psyker because of all the questions that raises about unbinding and so forth.  Instead, each scroll has a psychic power themed ability.  In this case, the basic Grey Knights unit has Astral Aim, which buffs itself and nearby Grey Knights units.  The other neat thing that basically all Grey Knights units have going for them is Nemesis Force Weapons.  I toned the Force Weapons down so that these guys, while elite, aren't super far outside the box on damage output (their damage output is ~.22 dptpw while normal marines are ~.15 dptpw).  They're still a work in progress for the moment, but they're pretty homogeneous (they don't have a whole lot of weapon options to speak of), so it's really just a matter of getting wording just right and fine tuning ability synergies and whatnot.

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