Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chaos Pics

I just realized last night that it's been ages since I posted any pictures of what I've been working on lately, so lest anybody think I'm still working on putting the finishing touches on my Deff Rolla and Tyranid Prime, here are some pics to prove it happened.

I picked up the Start Collecting: Nurgle Daemons box.  The Plague Drones aren't something I normally would have bought, and they haven't done great on the table, but I like them well enough, and they turned out to be pretty fun to paint.


I've also been re-basing some of my older Chaos stuff.  I should probably explain this one a little bit.  At my FLGS we have a "League of Women Generals" in which a lot of us have converted female generals for our armies.  This one is my female Beastlord of Slaanesh.  She hasn't seen much action since she was going to lead my brother's Beastmen army and then Age of Sigmar happened before she got a chance to.  So hopefully, putting her on a shiny new base will get her back out there onto the battlefield.


Speaking of the League of Women Generals, this is Lucia the Insatiable, my Chaos Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount.  Probably not the only Daemonette anybody's ever sculpted armour onto, but I'm confident there aren't a whole lot of them out there.

Last Women General for the moment is the Damsel of Distress (yes, that's a Bretonnian Damsel under all that badassery).  I'm still working on re-basing her.  I'm having trouble figuring out which warscroll best represents her, there is quite the dearth of Chaos heroes with shields in AoS.


My newest addition to the Chaos family is some Dawi Zharr.  I got some Daemonsmiths and Fireglaives for my birthday and I'm currently waiting for a Helstorm Rocket Battery and a Dwarf Cannon to come in so I can start converting a couple of the Legion of Azorgh artillery pieces.


I didn't shell out the extra dollars for the Fireglaive command, but the unit champ can be equipped optionally with a Fireglaive and Naptha Bomb.  I painted this guy's facemask gold to show that he's clearly in charge and used a censer from some Dark Angels stuff as a Naptha Bomb.  It looked kinda like a magic fantasy grenade to me.

Group shot!

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