Monday, June 12, 2017

A Trail of Blood

I have begun the process of adapting my "Big Touble in Little Azyrheim" event into a skirmish campaign akin to Shadespire.  In the first battleplan, two warbands arrive at the scene of Overlord Grimni's murder to investigate.  Here's the story primer, I've posted it before and the only new thing is the bottom right section, but it'll help explain the plot of the campaign for those who haven't looked at any of it before.

I was inspired a little bit by the beginning of the Watchmen, when Rorschach is investigating the Comedian's murder.  I think Grimni and whoever killed him probably had a pretty severe rumble in the wee hours of the night, and whodunnit is still a mystery (we may never know, but I assume it was a Dark Elf), but the carrion are already descending because they know that if they want his council seat, they're going to have to act fast.

This is going to be a five battleplan campaign, and I plan on posting the other battleplans over the next couple weeks, and hopefully by the time I'm done posting them piecemeal, I'll have the full campaign book finished!

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