Thursday, June 22, 2017

Coalescence 2017

I am afflicted by a drive to work every event I run into the overarching narrative of the Vale of Efengie and its inhabitants.  So when I ran Coalescence a few weeks ago, I had to make pages for the future Efengie Campaign Book 3.  The next plot arc is going to spin out of the results from Coalescence: War of the Ring.

I decided to include all of the official background fluff from Coalescence instead of abridging and re-writing things.

Before the event, I asked players to submit backstory/motivations for their armies.  I took what they wrote and turned it into a page of fluff snippets.

Next are photos of the war itself, along with brief text about what went down on the day of.

Lastly, the official ending of Coalescence, along with the ending of the War of the Ring.  The Stormcasts got the ring, but it has made them a target for Eristrat's chaotic wrath.

Coalescence was a pretty excellent event thanks to all the hard work of the macro-organizers at NEON.  All I really had to do was come up with my own bit of fluff, and show up the day of.  I look forward to running Coalescence 2018, and whatever they may come up with in-between.

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