Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gorechosen Battalion

So GW managed to trick me into playing Khorne by selling me a copy of Gorechosen, which then led to me purchasing a starter box and the Blades of Khorne book.  Those sneaky guys.  I have no interest in any of the proper units (with the possible exception of Wrathmongers, who I think are both ridiculous and awesome), but I've had several fun games using my (until this moment) unfinished Gorechosen battalion.  I haven't painted my Mighty Lord of Khorne yet, but here is my completed battalion, and basically my entire army with the exception of my Khorgorath, and the Damsel of Distress (who has found an excellent new vocation as a 'counts-as' Valkia).

When I first got into Age of Sigmar after being disheartened by my first few battles, I decided I would just play Chaos characters.  I did that for a while, then got sidetracked into Nurgle daemons and building up my Flesh-eater Courts army.  But now I finally feel like I'm getting back to what I've always wanted to do.  I really like playing with my Gorechosen heroes.  It lets me play the skirmish game I really want even when my opponent has a big army.

Fexgor the Flayer, Slaughterpriest - Probably my favorite.  This model was a pleasure to paint.

Heldrax Goretouched, Slaughterpriest - This guy gets smote by Khorne an inordinate percentage of the time.

Kor Hammerskull, Skullgrinder - The Skullgrinder is extremely unreliable.  But when he manages to get his buff working, it's completely ridiculous.

Redarg Bloodfane, Exalted Deathbringer - The Exalted Deathbringer is just not good.  If he weren't required in this battalion, I doubt anyone besides me would bring him.

Tark Gruelgore, Bloodstoker - I like this guy.  He's a fun and flavorful support hero.

Thax the Bloodrocutioner, Aspiring Deathbringer - This is my conversion for "Aspiring Deathbringer with Wrath-hammer".  He's also the only one I named myself :)  I like to imagine that he has way too much ego to make up for being a little runty compared to his brethren.

Vexnar the Reaper, Aspiring Deathbringer - The Aspiring Deathbringer is basically always my general.  His command ability is way too good to pass up, especially with the Gorechosen.

Atorg Bloodbringer, Bloodsecrator - I'm told the Bloodsecrator is best-secrator.  I look forward to trying him out on the battlefield.

Here's one more group photo!

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