Wednesday, May 4, 2016

40k Age of Sigmar: Aspect Warriors

I've been hard at work continuing my 40k warscroll project.  This time, it's on to the Craftworld Aelfs... umm... Eldar.  Yeah, Eldar.  I've started with the Aspect Warriors because it seemed like the Autarch really wanted to be an Aspect Warrior alike.  So this happened (Path of the Warrior).

And since I had an ability referencing Aspect Warrior warscrolls, I figured the natural progression would be to tackle those first.  One important decision I made about the Aspect Warriors is that they are all two wound models (except the ones driving vehicles) putting them into Space Marine territory.  I had to think really hard about this one, but I've decided that a 3+ save on an infantry unit should probably become a 4+ save with two wounds.  3+ saves are just so uncommon in AoS, it seems like upping the Wounds should really come first.

I'll just share a few of my favorites here.  As always, these are works in progress (in case the lack of a command ability on the Autarch didn't give that away).

I'm especially happy with the Swooping Hawks Skyleap ability.  I think this will be fun without being too terribly intense.

I was going to make the Mandiblasters a very short ranged weapon, but ultimately decided that it should be an ability so that the Autarch can benefit from it.

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