Saturday, May 14, 2016

40k Age of Sigmar: Eldar

The Craftword Aelfs are ready to fly!  These took me a while, mostly because I've been working on prepping for my FLGS' AoS Game Day (more on that later).  If these tanks seem a little less potent than usual, it's because they are.  I managed to get a playtest game in the other night (Tau v. Chaos Dwarfs) and discovered that my Vehicles were a bit OP, among other things.  So to rectify that, I've brought Vehicles more in line with War Machines damage wise (I plan on updating other compendiums to bring them in line as well).

As usual, I'll share some of my favorites.  First up is the Avatar of Khaine.  I like this guy because I basically made it an Order Daemon that can be summoned by Aelf Psykers, which I think is pretty cool.

Next I'd like to showcase the Wraithguard and so forth.  After reading through some of these guys fluff, I realized that they shouldn't really be Aelfs, but Reanimants.  So I consulted the Tomb Kings warscrolls and made them kinda' like the Ushabti, but ya know, carrying distortion weapons.

Anyhow, the Eldar are now up on the Warscroll Compendium page.

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