Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Battle for Efengie: First Incursion

I'm currently in the planning stages of my FLGS' first Age of Sigmar Game Day.  Under 7th and 8th edition Fantasy we had a thriving community and while we didn't do one shot events, we did have an ongoing campaign with a Risk-like map and character experience rules.  I'm trying to have it both ways and do a series of events (starting with one... baby steps) that are connected by an ongoing story.

The first event is called "Realmgate Incursion" and it tells the story of how the otherwise peaceful (like, think medieval warfare instead of AoS heavy metal warfare) Vale of Efengie comes to be involved in the crazy inter-Realm conflicts of Age of Sigmar.

Back when we did out Fantasy campaigns, we used a map our FLGS owner created that was a tongue in cheek translation of the layout of the store.  It had such hits as Mount Cola, the City of Register, the Twin Cities of Couch, and so forth.  Since it's something we're all familiar with, the Vale of Efengie is basically an AoS-ized version of this.  The Vale is a secluded region of the Realm of Life.  It has idyllic rolling hills and a volcano that belches forth life-giving nectar (Mount Koula).  The Vale was originally settled a few hundred years ago by pioneers from Azyrheim who travelled on a road that goes directly from Ghyran to Azyr called The Azyrspire (visible in a zoomed out version of this map).  When their first city (New Azyrheim?) was destroyed by a trio of meteors and corrupted by Nurgle, they fled to the Vale and lost all ties with Azyrheim.

Near the Vale of Efengie is a stone circle erected by the Wanderers thousands of years ago to be a hub for travel between the Realms.  It has been dormant for a long, long time, but as of the first Game Day, the stone circle, known as The Gates of Eucebium, has been stirring with magical energy.  Something is coming through the Gates, probably many somethings or perhaps someones.  The people of Efengie are about to be involved in the overblown, epic conflicts of the mortal realms.

We're going to be using a variant of the School League battleplan, so it will be similar to the type of events they run at Warhammer World (the event packs and battleplans for which are conveniently available on their web page).  Here's a draft of the battleplan if you're interested.

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