Saturday, May 21, 2016

Deathrattle Heroes

After getting the new Flesh-Eaters Battletome, I've had to resort to working on my Deathrattles so that I don't spend too much money.  Since I played Vampire Counts before the End Times, I've got plenty of stuff lying around.  So I've rebased and/or kitbashed a collection of characters to get the old skellingtons up and running.

I've rebased a Liche Priest and Tomb King I made toward the end of 8th ed. who never even saw battle :( and made a brand new Necrotect.  Also, I went ahead and rebased Krell Wight King with Black Axe.  The Tomb Kings heroes are all made out of bits I got from a friend.  They were leftover skeletons from the Necrosphinx howdah and the backs of the Necrosnakes (I forget what they were actually called).  I just creatively appropriated bits and hacked them together to make the heroes.  You may notice that the Necrotect's dagger is actually just a speartip, so that should give you an idea.

 Also, I want to shout out to the Empire Flagellants kit.  The scroll and skull bit that I used on the Liche Priest is amazing for taking any model and making it an instant wizard.

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