Friday, September 30, 2011


Hey folks,

First post for my blog here. I'm mostly going to be discussing modelling and painting war-games miniatures. I do a lot with Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, but have been known to occasionally dabble in other games (painting if not necessarily playing) Malifaux, WarMachine, etc. Who knows what I might do in the future.

Here are pictures of my Tyranid army. I've been playing tyranids for several years now when I returned to the hive mind after finally accepting that the new codex was here to stay, I decided to update my color scheme. As you can see, the hormagaunt in the back is painted using Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, and Scorpion Green for the flesh with Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, and Bleached Bone for the carapace. My new color scheme (front) is Scorpion Green followed by Thraka Green wash for the flesh, and Bleached Bone followed by Gryphon Sepia for the carapace.

One thing I noticed when beginning work with my new scheme was that the carapace was a bit too light with only Gryphon Sepia on the carapace and the bleached bone details on the carapace didn't stand out enough. To rectify this I ended up using Devlan Mud first on the carapace in the deep recesses between armour plates on the back and head. Then

The eyes (not that they are visible) are yellow with black stripes down the middle (cat-like). And as a highlight color for the flesh I use Rotting Flesh. This is mainly for the vents on the arms and any sinuous muscle (like the jaws), but I also used it for the cords on the devourers and will surely use it for other highlights in the future.I did two washes of Sepia to get it darker so that the Bleached Bone streaks stand out better against the dark carapace.
Here are some pictures of my whole army, they're not very good though, so I'll probably try to get some better ones later.