Monday, July 31, 2017

The Soulblight Ride Again

Back in 7th edition WHFB, I played a variety of Vampire spam (I liked to cast spells on one die).  I surprisingly made it work somewhat in 8th as well, although it wasn't quite the same.  Because of this, I have a lot of Vampire characters.  I also built a unit of Blood Knights a long time ago from Brettonnian Knights.  They looked pretty lame, but they got the job done.  They had Daemonette heads (much like their leader Istvaan von Hortlak), and a poorly conceived color scheme.  Also, they heralded from a time when I put down a wash and called it a day (which has left my old models in a great place to receive highlights).

Thursday, July 27, 2017

40k Warscrolls: Cult of Mars

After getting a handful of requests to continue the Age of 40k project, I have picked it back up starting with the Cult of Mars, aka Adeptus Mechanicus.  I've gotten through most of Adeptus Mechanicus proper, and am working on Skitarii now.  So today I'm going to talk about Datasmiths and their Robit buddies.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

King Gurloes the Good

King Gurloes the Good was not always a king.  In fact, as a child, he was told that he was 53rd in line for the throne.  The King of his land (a small, but happy kingdom) was a weak man, afraid of death, and constantly in search of new unguents and salves to restore his youth.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

King of Tokyo for Tots!

When you've got a toddler, and you're a gamer, sometimes your preferred board games aren't very kid friendly.  It's been well established that King of Tokyo is a fun game for the whole family, but what if the whole family includes a 3 year old?  It's got an awful lot of reading involved... OR DOES IT!?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Battle Report: Culture Shock

Battleplan: Acquisition (from the Kharadron Overlords Battletome)
Match-up: Order vs. Legion of Azorgh

On the burning plains of Aqshy, Hazim the Blooded and his loyal Fireglaives approached an ancient Zharr Goroth ruin.  He and his Daemonsmith, Dray the Alchemist, had been searching the ruins of an old empire for weeks, seeking enchanted artefacts and other treasures.  So far, they had turned up only a few... an enchanted weapon that Hazim had claimed for himself, and a sacred duardin relic that was in Dray's possession.

As Hazim began to climb the steps into the ruin, he heard cries of battle behind him.  He looked back to their base camp, fortified on a nearby butte, just in time to see a trio of Judicators assault their gun-line.  They opened with a thunderous barrage of hammers, battering the artillerists, and then, with a valorous battle cry, charged the Dreadquake Mortar.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lava Monsters of Khorne

I've finished two more models for my Bloodbound "army"*.  I picked up a starter set a few months ago so that I could get the Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker for my Gorechosen battalion, so I've been slowly working my way through the other contents (along with other projects).  Today I want to show off/discuss my two lava monsters.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

A City Block

In the final battle of the Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim campaign, Skragnir has the Letter of Marque in hand, and has to run a blockade of enemies between himself and Castle Reaper.  This last battleplan is pretty much the same as the breakthrough battleplan in Hinterlands, but that's what we actually played at the event, so here it is.