Thursday, December 21, 2017

Campaign: Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim

If you follow this blog, you've already seen a lot of the content of this book, but the newest Efengie Campaign book is ready to roll.  Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim, a skirmish campaign, is now up on the AoS Downloads page.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Battle Report: The Terror that Came to Efengie

Last weekend, Lady Rheatrivix summoned her Slaaneshi patrons from the 41st millennium to the Vale of Efengie.  The Eye of Terror opened up and for a while time and space cracked depositing soldiers from the future, and leaving the kingdoms of Efengie scrambling to keep up.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dark Age of Sigmar: Artefacts

The Dark Age of Sigmar (also known as Aos28) is an aesthetic, largely a modeling style, that draws its inspiration from the artwork of John Blanche (among others), and shows the bleak lives of the poor wretches who don't get to be on the covers of battletomes.  For a while there was a lot of excitement with using the Hinterlands AoS skirmish rules (no longer supported by the original creator) to play DAoS battles, but there isn't really any one system to play by.  The whole thing is more community art project than it is a game or rules system.

Knowing this, I still thought that it would be fun if there were some Warhammer Skirmish friendly battleplans and other supplements that would evoke the DAoS aesthetic through play. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Colossal Red's Hoard

At the end of November, we had an Age of Sigmar Game Day themed around raiding the hoard of the enormous dragon "Colossal Red".  Colossal Red comes from a D&D miniatures Colossal Red Dragon that sat, unpurchased, on the shelf at the FLGS for years.  It was such a fixture of the store that when the store owner made the first map of Efengie, he added a mountainous lair for Colossal Red.  In various iterations of the campaign, one could steal treasure from the horde, risking Colossal Red's wrath (she would move out onto the campaign map as an army unto herself, destroying entire banners as she moved).  You could slay her whelps and forge magical Dragonhide armour as well, which was done often because it was awesome.