Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tutorial: Very Easy Lava Bases

I bought myself Gorechosen for Taxsmas (a traditional American gift giving holiday that occurs around February or April or whenever you get your tax returns), and decided that I would try out LAVA BASES!!!  I wouldn't post this tutorial unless I thought I'd come up with something I hadn't seen elsewhere.  After doing my research, I found a bunch of advice for doing lava, but nobody doing the super easy thing I had been envisioning, so I tried it, it worked, and I figured I'd share it with the world.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Battle Report: The Death of Gnarlok

This weekend, I played another narrative battle using my "Stuff of Legends" battleplan.  I played Nurgle, taking my new Epidemius counts-as, "Larvulous", for a spin.  My brother brought his Brayherds, as per usual (although this time, he was using these fun fan-made Brayherd allegiance abilities).

In this battle, we rolled a 6 for our Objective, so since we're both Chaos, we had an altar at the center of the battlefield that was damned terrain.  Nurgle's motivation was to scout the altar (move near it and roll well), while the Brayherds decided to attempt to Raze the altar, which is normally Destruction's motivation, but when you roll a 6, you can choose any motivation appropriate to your army, the faction tags aren't restrictions so much as guidelines (it's your story!).

We decided that Gorfax (the Beastlord on Chariot, also general) was still working towards his goal of becoming the Everbray, but this time, he needed to stop Larvulous from doing a nasty ritual that would spoil his chances.  Funny enough, Gorfax wasn't the one who made off with the Relics in the last battle (Rise of the Everbray).  Gnarlok the Flenser, lowly Wargor Battle Standard Bearer, is the Neville to Gorfax's Harry.  Gnarlok is the true chosen one, not that Gorfax needed to know that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Larvulous, Gadfly of Nurgle

I've been inspired lately by this new "Aos28" movement.  I'm not sure this really qualifies for it, but looking at all these awesome conversions got my creative juices flowing.  I was looking for stuff I could convert into grim-dark weirdness, and I stumbled upon my old Skarsnik model (he's been very lonely ever since Gobbla became Wheelsquig, a mainstay of my Space Orks army).  I started playing around with Skarsnik and some nurgley bitz, and came up with this.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Battleplan: Geistwind Dale

Next Sunday is going to be the next entry in the Age of Sigmar: Game Day.  Last month, despite being kited into Shyish by Waaaghin Orruks, the forces of Order (largely Sylvaneth and Stormcasts) won a resounding victory.  However, as the Orruks fled the Corpse Orchards, still in search of a Nagash to slay, they were set upon by none other than the Geistwind itself (on the left side of the map below).

This month we'll be fighting in and around the Geistwind, for honor, glory, and survival.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Inkarnate Maps

I found a very cool map-making service on-line.  It's called http://inkarnate.com/ and it's entirely web-based.  It's still in beta, but you can sign up for it really easily.  Due to the beta, it is a little choppy and limited, but I've been generally quite impressed.  Anyhow, if you remember my hand-drawn map of the Vale of Efengie, I made a much snazzier one using inkarnate just to see what I could do.

And here it is once I lightened it and labeled it using Powerpoint.  As you can see, it does not have any "giant mountain" options, so Mt. Koula looks rather less imposing (I'll probably doctor something up in GIMP at some point) but overall, I'm very impressed with how easy it is to use.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Battle Report: Rise of the Ever-bray

This Sunday I got to try out my home-made Narrative battle plan "Stuff of Legends" again.  I am starting to see a couple of ways I can improve it, which is good (also the point of 'playtesting' even when playtesting is just playing).

This time, we rolled a 2 for the Objectives, which means Relics.  Each player chooses one of their Hero models to carry a Relic which is the objective.  Relics can be dropped and picked up by Heroes, but if there's not hero to pick them up, they become stationary objectives.

Gorfax the Thrice-blooded was aiming to conquer the Relics (control them), while High King Itzach bar Itzach wished to consecrate them in the blood of his enemies.  The battle took place in the Vale of Efengie, under the shadow of Mount Koula, which turned out to be way more relevant than it sounds.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Flame Weapons

Now that I've finished most of the meat of the warscrolls, what's next?  I've had a few requests and things that I missed pointed out to me.  On my to do list are Chaos Cultists, Eldar War Walkers, Officio Assassins, and a few other strays.  However, the next big update is going to be an across the board one.  One of the things I've disliked since my first play-test games was the way I had designed flame weapons from the flamer "tactical weapon" type to the burna and so forth.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Battletome: Necrontyr

I've just wrapped up the last of the important Battletomes.  I still intend to upgrade "Imperium" to a battletome, as well as to tackle Harlequins and Adeptus Mechanicus (at some point in the future); but Necrons were the last mainstream army that didn't have points and battle traits and such yet.