Friday, June 23, 2017

Fight For Survival

Welcome to Part 4 of Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim.  We've hit the home stretch.  After being betrayed by a member of his own crew, Skragnir and his Arkanauts have to survive the night hiding out in the Murderwood on the edge of town.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Coalescence 2017

I am afflicted by a drive to work every event I run into the overarching narrative of the Vale of Efengie and its inhabitants.  So when I ran Coalescence a few weeks ago, I had to make pages for the future Efengie Campaign Book 3.  The next plot arc is going to spin out of the results from Coalescence: War of the Ring.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

8th Edition 40k

I got to play in the local scene's inaugural 8th edition event this past weekend.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the new direction.  I thoroughly enjoyed both games I played, and the units were fun and thematic without having quite as much stuff-going-on as an Age of Sigmar warscroll (most units seem to have one special thing they do; although wargear adds in a bunch of extra stuff as well).

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Broken Trust

In the third battle of the Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim campaign, I wanted to try something that I haven't seen in AoS before.  In MERCS (a kinda' neat skirmish game that I don't quite endorse, but have had some fun playing in the past) they ran a global narrative event at one point, and one of the scenarios revolved around having a mole in your opponent's team.  I liked that idea and hope that it translates well to AoS.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Letter of Marque

Welcome to the second installment of the Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim Campaign (part 1 is this way).  Since obviously, you'll need actual campaign rules to progress from Episode 1 to Episode 2, that's what I'll be covering today.  While I imagine most will use the Shadespire Campaign rules, I thought it would be good to just spit out ideas for campaign structures willy nilly because I can.  So first up here are the rules.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Trail of Blood

I have begun the process of adapting my "Big Touble in Little Azyrheim" event into a skirmish campaign akin to Shadespire.  In the first battleplan, two warbands arrive at the scene of Overlord Grimni's murder to investigate.  Here's the story primer, I've posted it before and the only new thing is the bottom right section, but it'll help explain the plot of the campaign for those who haven't looked at any of it before.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Gorechosen Battalion

So GW managed to trick me into playing Khorne by selling me a copy of Gorechosen, which then led to me purchasing a starter box and the Blades of Khorne book.  Those sneaky guys.  I have no interest in any of the proper units (with the possible exception of Wrathmongers, who I think are both ridiculous and awesome), but I've had several fun games using my (until this moment) unfinished Gorechosen battalion.  I haven't painted my Mighty Lord of Khorne yet, but here is my completed battalion, and basically my entire army with the exception of my Khorgorath, and the Damsel of Distress (who has found an excellent new vocation as a 'counts-as' Valkia).

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Efengie Campaigns

I got the Warhammer Skirmish book last weekend (just like everybody else).  Something about their Shadespire Campaign section ripped a band-aid off a part of my brain.  I've always thought of campaigns as something that you mobilize your entire local game store for, with maps and tables and meetings.  The Shadespire Campaign rules have shown me that a campaign can be a simple something for two players.  It can still have tables and army construction rules... or not; and they don't have to be perfectly balanced, they just have to stimulate the imagination for half-a-dozen battles or so.

So now that I've had this epiphany, I felt like it was my moral duty to go back and write a section for each of my two campaign books that turns the battleplans into a series of linked battles.  I decided to appropriate some of the elements of the Path to Glory rules (because that's kinda' what they're there for), but to add some mechanics that haven't been explored in any official releases.  Specifically, I thought a casualties mechanic would be interesting since this is a campaign for large scale battles, and usually that is reserved for more skirmishey engagements.