Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Battle Report: The Terror that Came to Efengie

Last weekend, Lady Rheatrivix summoned her Slaaneshi patrons from the 41st millennium to the Vale of Efengie.  The Eye of Terror opened up and for a while time and space cracked depositing soldiers from the future, and leaving the kingdoms of Efengie scrambling to keep up.


Since I've designed 40k warscrolls, and the story lent itself to them, I figured it would be fun to have 40k briefly invade the AoS Game Day.  This time around we had 5 participants including Bonesplitterz, Astra Militarum, Soulblight, Stormcast Eternals, and Imperium Astartes.

In Round 1, we had Soulblights vs. Imperium Astartes and Astra Militarum aboard the Licentious Despair (the Slaaneshi spaceship).  For three player battles like that, we let each army include up to 5 units as the limit is more for time than for balance.  They each only brought 3 units and we didn't end up having a large enough wounds difference for the Underdog Deeds to take effect.  Soulblights managed to edge out a win on points by really tearing into one of the monoliths with their Zombie Dragon.

Meanwhile, on the Outskirts of Bludor, Bonesplitterz took advantage of all the Chaos and launched their attack on the city.  Stormcast Eternals tried to come to the city's defense, but they were no match for the Big Choppas (and Rogue Idol)


In Round 2, the Imperium Astartes and Astra Militarum stayed aboard the chaos spaceship to argue about who wore it best.  It ended in a somewhat epic showdown between Imperial Commissar "Little Hotness" and a Salamanders Chapter Master atop one of the monoliths.  The Astra Militarum were no match for the might of the Salamanders, and it was a total rout.

On the ground, the Bonesplitters and Stormcasts were joined by the Soulblights.  Instead of doing 2v1, we decided to play a 1v1v1 battle.  It went pretty smoothly, we didn't institute any overly exciting Triumph and Treachery style rules for it.  We rolled initiative at the start of each round and then just went in order, also opting to just go in turn order during the combat phase.  For deployment we chose to do 12" arcs off of the battlefield corners.


The Bonesplitterz won again with 11 Laurels of Victory after holding all 4 battlefield quarters on the final turn!  After their victory, they interrogated one Vampire they had captured and asked him what this whole battle was even about.

"Aaaah, the followers of the Daemon Princess spent Colossal Red's treasure to call down their allies from the heavens."
"Waait, wut iz dis 'Colossal Red'... it sound like dragon."
"Yes, ow, it's an enormous dragon."
"Innit haz bones?"
"Boyz, we'z gotta big dragon to crump!"

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