Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dark Age of Sigmar: Exploring the Ruins

The last major piece of content for "Heart of Darkness" is the Skirmish Rewards of Battle table.  For Dark Age of Sigmar, I thought it should focus on storytelling, so this Rewards of Battle table is kind of a hybrid between the Skirmish book version, and the old Mordheim exploration tables.

I used the Skirmish Rewards of Battle mechanic of the winner rolling 3 dice while the loser only rolls 2.  But instead of making a single 2D6 table, I made 3 different D6 tables depending on how many times you rolled a given result (like Mordheim's Exploration tables).  The Singles and Doubles tables are designed to be incrementally fancier places that you can find within the city ruins, while the Triples table is where the really serious stuff happens, what with there being a 1/36 chance that you will encounter one of these at all.

Each result, to a certain degree, is designed to tell at least a little bit of story.  The exploration makes prodigious use of the Mutation, Injury, and Artefact tables that I showed off in previous posts.  Even if you don't choose to get Injuries through battle, you can still rack them up exploring the ruins.

So this is the last big piece.  It ties the rest of the pieces together to a certain degree.  I guess I could still add Command Abilities, since the other Skirmish settings have them.  If I do, I'll have to make some room for them in the Rewards of Battle, so this is by no means a final draft.

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