Monday, January 22, 2018

Dark Age of Sigmar: Against the Darkness

I like to imagine that the Dark Age of Sigmar is filled with grim survivors eking out a living in the inhospitable landscapes of the mortal realms (as evidenced by my previous battleplan).  These villagers take shifts stoking the fires that protect them from the encroaching darkness each night, keeping the horrors that dwell there at bay.  Sometimes, though, the things in the dark are worse than the occasional Chaos Spawn, or other twisted abomination that can be shot down with crossbows and put to the torch come morning.

In this battleplan, you take the role of either that horror that lurks in the darkness, or the last hope of those poor villagers (whatever form that may take).  The Darksoul is launching their initial assault and must extinguish the bonfires, while the Daywalker seeks to keep the fire burning.

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