Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dark Age of Sigmar: Mutations and Injuries

Previously, I discussed the Artefacts tables from my Dark Age of Sigmar project I'm working on.  Today, I want to show off two more tables; one for Mutations, and another for Injuries.

Mutations and Injuries are both staples of classic Warhammer.  In Heart of Darkness, Mutations will be treated as Artefacts, and they can be taken by any model.  The idea here is to give players options to express their outlandish conversions more fully on the battlefield.  This way, the tentacles, extra arms, and so forth can be represented in a model's rules if the players wish it.

I have also tackled model recovery/injury.  I took a somewhat different approach to this compared with what I have seen before.  Because I want players to be able to use or not use each individual component of these rules to whatever extent they like, I created an optional recovery table.  Some players might want to track the well-being of each model in their warband, while others might prefer to only track their characters and larger models.

The Recovery table has 3 good results and 3 bad results.  The bad results are pretty bad, while the good results are little more situational, but I think they will even out nicely.  One cute little easter-egg that I am particularly proud of is that an extra arm cancels out an injured arm :).

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