Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Maggoth Lords

I recently picked up a Maggoth Lord kit and being the cheapskate that I am decided to build all three!  I magnetized the torsos so that they can be hotswapped.  What's more, not being content to just have swappable bodies, I also made two magnetized sets of legs for them to stand on when they're not riding a Maggoth.

Here's a WIP shot of the armoured legs and the centaur legs.  The armoured legs are from an easy-to-build Plaguemarine.  I built up a gutplate for him with greenstuff.  The centaur legs are a marauder horseman with aBlight King belly and a lot of greenstuff work.

And here are the many permutations of the finished product.

Morbidex's torso doesn't fit on the centaur legs, but that's the only permutation that doesn't work.

And here's postcrasher High King Itzach bar Itzach.  He was my first Chaos Dwarf, and is devoted to Nurgle.  While back in WHFB he was just a counts-as Chaos Lord (on palanquin of Nurgle), now he's an Infernal Castellan.

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