Thursday, June 28, 2018

Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of running Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat.  It was a one-day global event that was a tree campaign (3 rounds, 7 battleplans).  It followed up last year's Coalescence Global Narrative Event, in which the godbeast Eristrat was freed from its extra-dimensional prison and attuned to the will of Chaos.  You can find the event pack at NEON's blog if you're interested in playing the battleplans.

In the global narrative, Eristrat had been going around smashing Realmgates at Archaon's behest.  She had broken a great many of them, and the action began at one such shattered Realmgate.  Meanwhile, in the local narrative of Efengie, only one player submitted any fluff before the event, but it was quite the fluff.

What I do before most events is make a Facebook post explaining the basic fluff behind the event, and then ask people to write fluff snippets explaining what has brought their army to the conflict.  Anybody who does gets a special little boon ability to use during the event that represents that fluff in some way.  When only one person submits anything, I like to give them something awesome.  It turns out that the "slightly warm cube" she found in that vision was Wyssan's Weighted Die, an old WHFB magic item that I re-imagined for AoS.
Wyssan's Weighted Die - Once per battle, in your hero phase, you may choose two numbers from 1-6.  Until your next hero phase, all instances of the first number rolled on a D6 by any player count as the second number.
It seemed like that one created a lot of entertainment, so I'm happy.  I took a lot of pictures throughout the day, and created some fluff pages for a future campaign book as well as some maps.  On a related note, I gave players the option of using the Time of War rules provided in the back of the event pack, and I think only one game ended up using them, which was fine.  We did, however, have four tables set up, one for each of the Realms on the map below.

I had a lot of fun cobbling together this map along with the one for Coalescence: Malign Portents.  Maybe I'll do another Realm-hopping event in the future.

At the time of writing this post, we still don't know the outcome of the Global narrative, but in Efengie, Iradrüll basically stomped us all.  Slaanesh was undefeated in the event, and Iradrüll herself (Exalted Keeper of Secrets that she was) stood atop the ruins in the third round and became even more exalted, empowered by the spirit of Eristrat.  So I think it's safe to say that the local narrative outcome is that she is now a total badass, and will be treated as the leader of the Chaos forces in Efengie for the foreseeable future.

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