Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Efengie Campaign: The Reckoning of Iradrüll

Last weekend I ran a Malign Sorcery themed event.  I also used a new army balancing mechanic that some of you might be familiar with... POINTS!

As points have become more accessible (up for free on warhammer community and whatnot), it has become harder and harder to justify not using them for the narrative Efengie events.  That said, I am still dedicated to a narrative non-list-buildy gaming experience, so I've come up with a new army creation mechanism that may or may not be a good idea.

Each player can bring up to five units (unit limit is just so that battles don't take too terribly long).  They calculate their total points, and then compare it to their opponent's total.   Whoever has fewer points is the Underdog, and their Underdog Rating is equal to 1 for every full 100 points difference.  At the event, the Underdog earned Laurels of Victory equal to their Underdog Rating each time they slew an enemy unit.  

However, that didn't work very well as expensive units tend to be more durable (amazing, right?), so I'm rethinking it for future events.  In the next event (since I'm still experimenting), they will earn Laurels of Victory equal to their Underdog Rating at the end of each turn as long as they earned any other Laurels of Victory.

One upshot of the new system is that the battleplan can generally fit comfortably on one page.  Also, this mechanic allows for uneven armies without unnecessarily hampering the effectiveness of horde units and whatnot.

As far as the narrative goes, this is a followup to Iradrüll's empowerment by Eristrat at Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat.  Her coronation coincided with Nagash's necroquake and caused her to vomit up all of the magical energy was running through her veins.  So she set out to reclaim her magical essence and consume some souls while she was at it.  Meanwhile, Lord Cueyatl (the youngest Slaan) went in search of a nice tasty magical meal to clear the bad taste of death magic from his palate.

We had an extra surprise in that two new players showed up for the event (a WHFB vet who was new to AoS, and an AoS player who was new to the area).  The victors were Iradrull's host of Keepers of Secrets (who really put the new army system to the test) and Stormcast Eternals.  Next up, we'll return to Fort S'nak for a good old-fashioned siege.

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