Thursday, September 27, 2018

The White Scarstriders

Continuing on with my series of ridiculous conversions for Shadespire warbands, here is Veteran Sergeant Sanson Farstrider and his White Scars battle brothers.  They have answered Sigmar's call for aid, been issued Mk. S power armour, and are now on the hunt in the dead city of Shadespire.

This conversion is based on the joke that Vanguard Hunters with their "Boltstorm Pistols" and whatnot are basically just Assault Marines.  As such, Elias Swiftblade has gotten an upgrade to a Chainsword, and everybody now carries Bolt Pistols.  They've got Space Marine backpacks, purity seals, and grenades for good measure.  My favorite little detail is that Sanson's hawk is now a Psyber-Hawk with a bionic eye.

I used an interesting formulation for the white on these guys.  Because I wanted them to look kind of wild and outdoorsy (fur cloaks and all that) I primed white, painted them with Screaming Skull, and then washed with Seraphim Sepia.  Then, I built up the white slowly with rather more than 2 thin coats.

I actually did some research for the hawk's coloration, I didn't want a gaudy blue or yellow Star Falcon like the Stormcasts tend to be painted with.

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