Friday, June 22, 2018

Coalescence: Malign Portents Retrospective

Tomorrow I'll be running Coalescence: the Desolation of Eristrat, so I thought I should probably get this post finished and post it.  It only happened in March... better late than never though.

Three of the four Harbingers were represented at Coalescence: Malign Portents.  The Lord Ordinator was suspiciously absent, perhaps Sigmar's gaze has been averted from the Vale of Efengie?  The various powers that be in Eucebium mustered their armies at the behest of the Harbingers, and marched to war across three Realms.

In addition to the Nighthaunts (led by Keldrek), Bonesplittaz (led by Snazzagar), and Slaves to Darkness (led by Warqueen Marika), we had the Stormcasts of the Eternal Hammer Brotherhood along with their Duardin allies, Seraphon, and my own jumbled up Chaos army (led by Infernal Castellan Fyrd-Hashut of the Chosen Axes of Hashut).

We battled across Shyish, Aqshy, and Ghyran, which was a lot of fun because I set up the battlefields such that one 4x8 was split between Aqshy and Shyish, and the other was split between Aqshy and Ghyran.  The three regions were connected by the Hellfire Gate, and the Gates of Eucebium, a collection of unstable Realmgates that were temporarily in alignment with it.

We ended up in the nightmare 6-man swiss pairings situation where we ended the event with 4 players tied at 2-1.  We used victory points in the final battle as the tie-breaker, and it resulted in Keldrek and his Nighthaunts winning the day!

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