Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Gor-rek's Reavers

I've finished a third Shadespire warband!  I'm still figuring out what wacky conversion to do with my Sepulchral Guard, but for the moment, here is my Khorngor warband (otherwise known as Bloodreavers).

The conversion was a simple yet effective one.  I did a head swap, added some shoulder/back fur, and added happy trails where feasible (because happy trails are crucial).

Here's Arngor.  I think he may be my favorite one.  Nothing special, but I really like how he turned out.

Blooded Saegor was the hardest to head-swap.  Also, his head is leaned back really far, so it was hard to find a good camera angle for him.


Blooded Saegor looks a little like a Blood Bowl player except that he's got an axe.

Targor is still Targor.

And last is Gor-rek himself!


I'm not sure what I'll field them as.  I ran them as Blood Warriors in some skirmish battles just for kicks (even though I have actual Blood Warriors).  I think they'd be better represented as Bestigors.  I may make some more Khorngors with my piles of starter set Bloodreavers, just to bulk up a unit.

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