Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sepulchral Guard

Continuing my quest to convert all of the Shadespire warbands, here is my take on the Sepulchral Guard.  Mine are an extension of the Cursed Company from the Regiments of Renown of the olden times.  I used the Skulls box to do head swaps on everyone except for the petitioners.  So the Prince of Dust is a Plaguebearer, the Champion is a Beastman, the Reaper is a bird-person of some kind, and the Warden is a Bloodletter.

Back before the End Times, back when I played sixth (fifth? I can't even remember now) edition Warhammer Fantasy, I played Dogs of War.  My army was heavy on conversions because it was largely unsupported by Games Workshop, and was in fact a two-part White Dwarf article.  Part 1 was the Dogs of War units, like the Paymaster, the Norse Marauders, Hedge Wizards, Dwarfs, Halfling Hot Pots, etc.  The second part was Regiments of Renown.  It included classics like Long Drong's Slayer Pirates, Vespero's Vendetta, and Tichi Huichi's Raiders.  My favorite though was always Richter Krueger's Cursed Company.  Richter Krueger was a mercenary who double crossed a necromancer and got cursed with undeath.  Anyone who was slain by his hand would join him in undeath forming a company of skeletons under his command.

When I switched over to Vampire Counts, these guys became my Grave Guard because they were hands-down my coolest skeletons.  I went out of my way to find culturally appropriate shields for each of my skeletons as they came with kite shields.  The Cursed Company now serve as the core of my skeleton army (not much of an army with the chariots and archers have been removed).  They live in the town of Spookington, which is right outside of the von Hortlak Estate (where my Vampires and Ghouls live).


  1. You should add some pics of your cursed co.

    1. That's them in the second pic! However, I have been thinking about making posts about some of my old conversions (the Paymaster, Skaven Pistoliers, and so forth).