Thursday, October 25, 2018

Efengie Campaign: Hallowed Portents

Last weekend I ran the penultimate Game Day of Efengie Season 4: Malign Portents!  We had a pretty excellent turnout, although not much army diversity.  Strangely, Seraphon have been on the rise in Efengie.  We had 3 Sseraphon players, 2 Legions of Nagash, Slaanesh, Stormcasts, and Troggoths!

I'm still pretty content with the current Underdog rules.  Our Slaanesh player, who brings pretty much exclusively greater daemons (one of the nightmare scenarios of these sorts of balancing mechanisms) hasn't yet been defeated, but he has been given a run for his money, so the fact that it's working alright even at the outliers is heartening.

Doling out Prophecy Points to players was amusing, but did not have a whole lot of impact.  I did like it because it got players interacting with one-another outside of their own battles.  Mostly, people would pick a nearby battle and ask "okay, who's winning here", and then give the player with fewer VPs some Prophecy Points.  But this did result in some vague cross-battle alliances, or players giving points to other players playing the same armies.

Since these are narrative events, I have started using a different pairing system from what I used to.  I honestly a little embarrassed that it took this long to click.  I used to do totally random pairings, but I've started doing conscientious pairings where I try to pair players against rival armies, and against opponents I think they'll enjoy battling.  This way, I can pair the newest player against the friendliest player, or pair a disheartened player against somebody who will be pleasant to battle against, or pair someone who is looking for a challenge against an opponent who will hopefully be a challenge.  Obviously, there is only so much I can do since I also try not to pair players against their regular opponents, and also attempt some semblance of swiss pairings (even though it's only two rounds).  Either way, I've replaced the dice roll with a judgement call, and feel pretty good with the results so far.

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