Monday, October 29, 2018

Efengie Campaign: Regions of War!

Book 4 of the Efengie Campaign will be ready to go in a few weeks, so I figured I'd share my take on Regions of War!

The Core Rules mention "Regions of War", which seem likely to be better thought out versions of Time of War rules.  However, we haven't seen any yet.  So I figured I'd just imagine what they might look like.  These are single, relatively minor special rules for setting your battles at the specific locations in Efengie that are found in this book.  The idea is that they are kind of like bonus Realmscape Features to use with the rules for Ghyran, but of course you can use them (or not use them) however you like!


  1. Couple outlier questions:
    Fort S'nak: What if the Hero has two or more melee weapons? Does just one get the D buff?
    Ivory Tower: Does this debuff existing wizards?
    Windswept Plains: (more of a commentary) but I kind of wish this utilized the (deprecated) scatter die to determine the winds direction at the start of each battle round.

    1. For Fort S'nak, by my wording, all melee weapons would get the buff.
      Also, by my wording, I suppose existing Wizards would get a debuff at the Ivory Tower, but I will definitely fix that.
      On the Windswept Plains, I do miss the scatter dice.